Since 2001, Justice Robert Edmunds has served you on the North Carolina Supreme Court.

With your help, he will continue that service.

I am running for re-election to the Supreme Court of North Carolina.  You may be wondering why this election matters to you.  The answer is that the Supreme Court, the State’s only constitutional court, addresses matters that directly affect your daily life, such as the taxes you pay, where you vote, your utilities fees, and how your children are educated.  I like to tell my friends that if they worry about it, the Supreme Court deals with it.  With stakes this high, we can all agree that North Carolina must have justices who will act in a fair, impartial, and principled manner.  This goal can be achieved only if we have the best and most sensible judges and justices on the bench.

My promises to you are the same promises I have made and kept in all my judicial campaigns.  I promise to be fair, to read the Constitution as it is written, and to interpret statutes according to the intent of the General Assembly.  With all my heart I believe that only legislators should make law.  If you review my work as a justice on the Supreme Court of North Carolina and as a judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals, you will find a record of fairness, impartiality, devotion to the rule of law, and good old fashioned hard work.

Experience is the best qualification for a member of the judiciary.  The Supreme Court is North Carolina’s highest court and most folks naturally understand that being a justice is not an entry level position.  We need justices who have established records demonstrating that they respect the Constitution and understand the limited role of the court.  North Carolina deserves justices who have never distorted the law to satisfy their own prejudices.  At the same time, we want justices who understand the real world outside the courthouse and the law books.  On other pages of this site, you can see details of my experience as an officer in the Navy, as a state prosecutor, as a presidentially-appointed federal prosecutor, as a private practitioner, as a judge on the Court of Appeals, and as Supreme Court justice.  I am also a husband and father, a taxpayer, and a voter.  All these experiences have taught me that responsibility, integrity, and a strong work ethic must be a judge’s north star.

I have been privileged to serve as one of your justices for almost sixteen years.  Every day, I look out of my office in Raleigh and see the United States and North Carolina flags flying over the dome of the Capitol.  Many days I walk to work and have never lost the thrill I feel when I cross the Capitol grounds and think of the many men and women who have made our state so great.  I can never forget my duty to you and to the state, and will be forever grateful that you have let me serve you in this way.  North Carolina is my home.  I hope to continue to work for all of you citizens of this wonderful state. Thank you for your time and interest.  Please enjoy the website and be sure to watch the thrilling video I made as a flight student in the Navy.  I hope you will join the many other North Carolinians who are supporting my campaign for reelection to North Carolina’s highest court.