United States Attorney - Middle District of NC

United States Attorney Edmunds and staff, circa 1990.

After law school, I joined the Navy as a line officer.  Upon my honorable discharge, I was fortunate to land my dream job as an Assistant District Attorney in my home town of Greensboro.  Though I began prosecuting cases in traffic court, only four years later I was prosecuting career felons.

United States Attorney Bob Edmunds and his family with United States Attorney General Richard Thornburgh, circa 1990

In 1982, I was offered a position as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Middle District of North Carolina.  Four years later, President Ronald Reagan appointed me the United States Attorney for that district, a position I held through the completion of President Bush’s term in 1993.  

Justice Edmunds depicted during trial of a federal criminal case.

As United States Attorney, I was both proud and humbled to stand before juries and introduce myself with these words: 'Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Bob Edmunds and I represent the United States of America.'  As United States Attorney, I was able to prosecute absolutely fascinating cases.  I personally handled cases involving corrupt public officials, international heroin smuggling, extraditions, bank robberies, fraud, and a host of other matters.  I also briefed and argued the appeals in federal court resulting from those cases.